Large Scale System Development

Large Volume System Developing
Equipped with experienced software development team and technical experts, with years of experience in consulting, development, testing, operation and maintenance, software development full process services can be provided.
1. Software Development And Implementation
Strictly follow the quality standards of CMMI and ISO9001, IS027001 to develop project management system,
standardize software development process and project process management, and provide standardized, professional and high-quality customized software application system for Chinese and foreign customers.
2. Operation And Maintenance Support
Adopt professional and standardized IT infrastructure management system and self-developed IT service integrated management platform to help customers integrate IT resources and reduce costs, continuously optimize and improve system availability and security, and enable customers' overall IT services to enter into full automation operation and maintenance.
3. Consultation
Based on years of accumulation and deep exploration of existing industry knowledge, domain knowledge and success stories, continuously improve the working methodology, promote and realize enterprise system innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, help companies identify IT strategies, business processes and management needs with a professional IT consulting perspective, provide reengineering strategies for companies to achieve new business model transformations, create a new IT strategy, to provide industry customers with continuous, high-value information technology consulting and application services.
4. Testing And Quality Assurance
Committed to providing customers with comprehensive one-stop professional testing services, always pay attention to the innovation of the test service model, learning from the industry and international advanced testing technology, continuously improve their testing services capabilities, boost customer products to the market quickly, gaining opportunities in the fierce market competition and achieving excellent performance.