The Solution

Smart Public Security Solution
Project Construction Goal
The construction goal of the Public Data Open Sharing Platform Project of the smart Public Security is to build a unified public data open sharing platform based on a unified “cloud” data center. Concentrate on the business applications of various departments to develop relevant data specifications and information exchange standards, to enable the business systems of various departments of the government to rely on a unified open platform for development and construction. Ensure interconnection and data sharing between departments, to provide data basis for big data analysis.
Project Construction Content
The construction contents of the Public Data Open Sharing Platform Project of the smart Public Security include: A set of standard specifications, two data portals, four application platforms, four basic databases and an application support platform
The specific construction contents include:
1、One application support platform
In order to effectively manage the application system of the government department that needs to call information resources of the Public Data Open Sharing Platform Project of the smart Public Security, facing all kinds of smart public security applications, planning and building a unified application support platform, unified standard specifications, through core components such as user management, application management, and service management, can effectively manage the access system, implement unified authentication and single sign-on, and unified messaging services.
2、Two data portals
Build information resources government portals for government departments user, open an information portal for enterprises and public users.
3、Four application systems
Construct a convergence platform, data management platform, data operation platform and data application platform that carry the public data of the public security.
4、Four basic databases
Through combing the information resources of the smart public security, formulate rules of database-building, database-warehousing and management of the four basic databases, establish four basic database management platforms, to provides content management, data processing, sharing, and application capabilities
The four basic databases include population banks, legal entities, economic libraries, and geographic libraries.
5、A set of standard specifications
Form a standard specification system, including management systems, standards, data standards, etc.