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Data Visualization Platform (Uwe)
 Platform Use
1.  Operation And Maintenance Service
    Process data collection, statistics and analysis, and data monitoring for operation and maintenance services, develop data interface APIs for common monitoring
    software,  which can display different monitoring systems.
2.  Internet Of Things Service
    Provide data collection for ERP systems, MRP systems, and PLCs and production machines, custom development analysis statistics engine, and chart display generation 
3.  Visual Data Mining And machine Learning
    Help users to process massive amounts of information, enable users to directly participate in the data mining process, and automate machine learning to visualize the
    collected data.
Platform Features
1. Rich UI instances and templates.
2. Fast response to demand.
3. Open interface.
4. Multi-terminal.
5. Secondary development.
Feature Function
1. Access control.
2. Module selection panel.
3. Add display icon.
4. Custom layout.
5. Custom topology and floor plan.
6. Mobile self-adaptive.