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Automated IT Environment Builder (CCS)
Automated Configuration Management System (CCS) of Cloud Data Center is used for large-scale complex system deployment and cloud data center server management, to make the process of virtualization more concise, improve efficiency, reduce costs, avoid low-level errors, and effectively manage and utilize massive configuration properties.
•  Provides a unified user interface for various hypervisors.
•  Provides a unified user interface for various hypervisors.
•  Improve the reusability of the process of deploying the configuration by deploying the template of the configuration and saving it to the repository.
•  Instead of manually deploying the server one by one, One-time automated Configuration and deployment is achieved.
•  Instead of manually editing various configuration files, and first define the configuration template for each configuration item. Then configure each configuration value into each configuration file through an automated configuration process. The values of the configuration properties are also automatically saved to the database and the change history management is implemented. All configuration values can be retrieved, analyzed, and generated for various reports.
•  Make automation construction operationalized, and the execution status and detailed log information of each job can be confirmed.
•  Compatible with the previous work of the base construction project, the construction of materials as the results of each project, easy to review and mis-positioning.