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Smart Inspection Solution
Project Introduction
As a national legal supervision organ, the procuratorial organ's right of supervision is not only manifested in the external inspection like the investigation of duty crime cases, the review and prosecution of criminal cases, and complaints against civil bank cases, but also includes internal supervision of the procuratorial organ, this kind of internal supervision, in addition to the supervision of the inspection agency set up in the procuratorial organ in the traditional sense, also includes the full supervision for the quality of the internal investigation of the procuratorial organ, that is, the review for the quality of the case.
The quality assessment of the case covers all aspects of the legal supervision of the procuratorial organ horizontally, and vertically covers the legal proceedings from beginning to end. Carrying out case quality review activities aims to further enhance the quality of procuratorate police and the awareness of efficiency, standardize and strengthen the business management of inspection, and achieve promoting norms by evaluation, promoting quality by rectification, to promote the investigation, public prosecution and other departments to be able to act in strict accordance with the legal provisions and the work procedures established. All the cases handled can be found that the facts of the crime are clear, the applicable law is accurate, the procedure for handling the case is legal, and the scientific development of various procuratorial work is promoted.
Combined with the actual situation of the procuratorial organs in various places, this program refines the evaluation criteria, improves the evaluation system, and establishes a normalization mechanism for case quality evaluation., combining case reviews, daily reviews and special reviews, and conduct a case-by-case review, to ensure that each case is supervised in the whole process before the event, during the event and after the event. Proposing corrective opinions on the irregularities existing in handling cases is conducive to promoting the handling of cases, legislative awareness, normative awareness, and quality awareness, to continuously improve the quality of handling cases, promote judicial standards, and further improve the quality of case management.
Review Process Of Case Quality
Performance Appraisal System Structure
The comprehensive performance management of the procuratorial organ is an important measure for upgrading, improving and promoting the work and management of the procuratorial organ. Through the scientific and reasonable personnel classification performance management, to achieve the refined management requirements of procurators, which can evaluate the work performance, work evaluation and comprehensive ability of the procurator in real-time, accurately and completely, and provide support for decision analysis.
Use scientific and reasonable methods to quantify work and comprehensively evaluate work. Informationization, networking, automation and normalization of real-life performance management can understand the work tasks and work performance of various departments intuitively, timely and comprehensively, and find gaps, to promote continuous improvement of the performance management of the procuratorial organ.
Through the daily work tasks’ quantitative assessment, 360 work evaluation, etc., and using the score-weighted method for each procurator to perform performance appraisal, establish a scientific and reasonable performance appraisal model for procurators, construct a judicial file management system, to realize the intelligentization of data collection of performance management, the normalization of personnel classification performance management, and the refinement of personnel classification management, providing scientific support for performance management and decision analysis of the city's procuratorial organs.
Performance Evaluation Data Composition
Performance Evaluation Function Module