The Solution

Intelligent Parking Solution
Comprehensively using mobile terminal technology, wireless communication technology and intelligent parking lock technology, and combining the diverse management needs of our customers, to provide professional and perfect intelligent parking solutions for individuals, communities, office buildings, and commercial complexes with parking spaces.
Through the self-developed intelligent parking lock, a complete management foundation of Internet of Things intelligent parking space has been established. Combined with the mobile management application software platform developed by our company, it provides convenient remote and near-field management methods for enterprises and individual users. Through the data collection of parking spaces and real-time transmission to the management platform, users can realize services such as parking space management, inquiry, reservation, sharing, leasing and navigation, and realize pre-payment, online checkout and other functions. The parking lot is completely unmanned, reducing management costs and making parking management more flexible. Ultimately, the maximum utilization of parking resources, the maximum profit of parking lot and the optimized service of the owner parking are realized.