The Solution

Intelligent Tourism Solutions
As the Chinese economy enters a new normal, policy orientation and industrial layout are gradually changing. China has entered the era of leisure consumption. Modern personalized and diversified consumption has gradually become the mainstream. People have begun to pursue higher-level social activities, and high-level needs such as leisure and entertainment have become the pursuit goals of many people.
On the one hand, the country has optimized the vacation arrangements to stimulate tourism consumption. Specific measures include implementing a paid-vacation system for employees, encouraging peak-staggering vacations, and encouraging flexible work and rest. Relevant policies have provided strong support for the traditional tourism industry to upgrade to “leisure”. The tourist scenic spot should take advantage of the trend to create an Intelligent scenic spot with its own characteristics to meet the increasing demand of mass consumption, and promote the real upgrade of the scenic spot and integrate into the leisure era of tourism.
On the other hand, the concept of mass travel has changed now, and tourists are no longer satisfied with spot-to-spot travel with a group. Individual-oriented FIT (Full Independent Tourist) travel consumption will occupy an increasingly important position. Self-help travel has become hot, which puts high demands on the information service capabilities of the scenic spot.
Construction Goal      
According to the overall framework of the “One System, Two Centers, Three Networks, Four Platforms, and Five Systems” in the Intelligent Scenic Area, and the actual needs of the key tasks at the current stage, building an Intelligent scenic spot system covering the core business of scenic spots such as ticket sales, ticket checking, boating, admission, payment and marketing, and in the management, realize centralized and unified management of the ticketing work of scenic spot management companies; In the service, realize the good experience of "easy to consume by sweeping the code to pay, one-code passing in scenic spot ".
Construction Role
Tourism management and service construction are the keys to improving the management level and service level of the scenic spot, providing modern marketing tools, service methods and information technology tools for scenic marketing departments and scenic tourism enterprises, guide the realization of tourism product and service innovation, effectively reduce operating costs, enhance marketing effectiveness, and achieve greater industrial management value. Meanwhile provide a perfect service experience for tourists such as tourists and the public, enhance the satisfaction and visibility of the scenic spot in the public mind, realize the effective management and dynamic monitoring of the tourism management process in the scenic spot, and improve the overall management and service management level of the tourism industry in the scenic spot.