Management Group

Board officer

Zhong Mingbo, Male, Born in May 1967, Anshan Liaoning. Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University, EMBA from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, currently chairman of Jiangsu MYsoft Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Innovation Software Technology Co., Ltd., and chairman of Beijing Service Outsourcing Enterprise Association, Hangzhou International Service Trade Association and China-Japan Information Service Industry Alliance. Since 1990, he has been engaged in the software service industry. He has been the CEO of Insigma Technology Co., Ltd. and has won many honorary titles such as "Leader of China's Software and Information Service Industry".
Mr. Jian-Yue Before co-founding Summitview Capital, Mr. Jian-Yue Pan has been in executive positions at Synopsys Inc., where he served as President of China,and eventually President of Asia Pacific & Corporate Vice President. 
On behalf of SummitView Capital and Synopsys, Mr. Pan led the investments of Spreadtrum Communications, Maxscend Microelectronics, GigaDevice(603986),Basismold(002786),QuickChina(603203),SMIT(HK2239), Nanova, TsinoDynatron, etc; and also co-led structuring and merger of Ambow Education, which was listed on The New York Stock Exchange. In 2015, Mr. Pan led the privatization of ISSI and currently serves as Chairman of the Board.  Mr. Pan has also served as Director of several listed companies globally and was the Chairman of Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club (TEEC) in 2015 and 2016.Mr. Pan holds a Master’s Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing, and an Executive MBA degree from China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

Guo Zhanwen, Male, was born in Dezhou, Shandong Province in March 1966. Graduated from Tsinghua University both bachelor degree and master degree in engineering. He is currently the director of Jiangsu MYsoft Technology Co., Ltd. and the president of Japan innovation software Corporation. He was a lecturer in the Department of Precision Instruments of Tsinghua University and a researcher in CIMS Engineering Center. He joined Beijing innovation Software Technology Co., Ltd. in 2005, became president of Beijing innovation Software Technology Co., Ltd. in 2010. He has been awarded the annual leader of software export and service outsourcing industry in China.
JIang Xiufeng, born in 1967 Jilin China, Board Director of Jiangsu MYsoft Technology Co., Ltd. the chairman of Beijing Mingyue Software Technology Co., Ltd., and the executive president of Beijing innovation Software Technology Co., Ltd. Graduated from Tsinghua University in 1985 and worked in Jilin Songhe Computer Co., Ltd.. In 1992 joined and Japan Light Intelligence System Co., Ltd. in year 1994 returned to Tsinghua University and finished master's degree. He graduated in 1998. In the same year, he worked in GlobeNet Corporation, Nomura Institute of Comprehensive Studies, Japan, and returned to China in 2002 to start own business. He has participated in the system development of Japan 7-11, Beijing 7-11, Japan Itoyo Huatang, Nomura Securities, Japan Applied Geology and other large companies.
Zhu Xinyu, Male,Summitview Capital Chief Investment Officer, graduated from the department of electronic engineering of tsinghua university. Formal employed in industrial and commercial bank of China, IBM, VanceInfo innovation and other companies. Well experienced in the research and development and management of IT enterprises. Has extensive experience in information technology, advanced manufacturing and medical device investment.

Executive Management Group

Mingyue organization executive management group mostly graduated from famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University and Beijing University of Technology, leading the organization with long-term industrial experience and accumulation in computer and software engineering, financial investment, management and marketing, and good complementarity in their respective specialties and abilities.
Jiangsu MYsoft organization Executive Management Group takes "China's leading IT technology service providers and digital solution providers" as its development vision, takes "coexistence with customer value" as its business philosophy, takes "conscience and sincerity to customers, companion employees, gratitude to society" as its corporate mission, and takes "self-improvement, moral support" as its corporate culture, under the leadership of the board directors. Together, we keep moving forward.